my face Eyes to the sun.


The MONUMENTOUR now has 3 extra shows! 

  • 28/8 St Paul, MN at the Minnesota State Fair
  • 30/8 Toledo, OH at The Huntington Center
  • 31/8 Scranton, PA at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain

Check our events page for other MONUMENTOUR dates

I give up on you.

First off, don’t ask me to pour my heart out to you and explain when you never understand, never give me a true apology, and never do the right thing by me. 

Second off, I hate who left me the anon and I’m pretty sure I know who it is. 

Third off, don’t marry the guy who let’s you sleep in tears. 

That’s the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.
Charles BukowskiWomen (via feellng)
Anonymous asked:
Damn girl, you so fine you blow my mind! I'd hold your hand so hard! Ugh. I hope you're ready for a long and loud night of playing monopoly together;)


Anonymous asked:
just break up with him already. just let him be. he doesn't want you. you treat him like shit.

Thank you for all the pain you have caused.